About Me


Billie WinterholerI have enjoyed writing since the young age of seven, when my mother allowed me to play with her old Remington typewriter. The Remington was a manual monster of a machine that needed an ink ribbon and oil, but provided many years of enjoyment for me and the friends that read my writing. Today, we have computers and word processors, ink- and laser-jet printers, and websites on the Internet that allow my words to go far beyond my desktop and the hands of friends. I am not complaining.

I started my working life as an electrician, which evolved to electronics, then into information technologies (I.T.) – which I work in today as a field service technician serving in the retail industry.

I am a widow, having lost my beautiful wife Wanda to ovarian cancer in May of 2012 after 35 years together – 33-1/2 married. She and I had two children, who added five grand children to our lives.

I am non-binary transgender, having begun my journey late in life, wishing I had learned about myself sooner, and happy to have found the road I travel. My first novel, Transition, was a result of the start of that journey.

My works can be found on Amazon, but free stories and poetry can be found on Wattpad.