Parched Earth, Green Corn: Fem’an

Published April, 2019
E-Book, $2.99.
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Paperback, $15.99, 586 pages

“Sweet Earth, feel my touch and know my love. Nurture well this seed I sow, bless the plant and help it grow” – Morel’s prayer.

It is 2150 and climate change continues uncontrolled. The economy is failing and people struggle to exist as the world parches.

In the Eastern Appalachia Region of the old United States lies an abandoned coal mine converted into the town of Huntsman. Huntsman has been home to Morel all hir life and zie now serves it as a topper for the Huntsman Cooperative, growing crops up top in the parched soil and blistering sun. It is a job zie enjoys – a better job than the sex trades zie was expected to join as a Fem’an – a person born with genitals of both genders.

Morel would love to see beyond the fields of Huntsman. Zie would love to see the ocean off Richmond and touch a living tree. But, although Morel sometimes gets angry enough to leave, zie knows zie will remain – the dedicated farmer caring for hir crops.

Huntsman doesn’t grow corn. Corn seed is expensive and doesn’t grow well in the parched Earth – rarely turning a profit. But Dr’sey is selling corn produced by the Blue Ridge Cooperative and genetically modified to survive harsh conditions of the parched earth. The corn offers promise as it has offered humans for centuries.

And while the corn holds promise for Huntsman, Dr’sey holds promise for Morel to travel beyond Huntsman and – perhaps – help him and his cooperative save Earth.

The first of three adventures.