New Blessings (Short Story)

New Blessings (a short story)
Published December 1, 2019
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Christie Haines came out at fifty-seven as a transgender woman – much to the disdain of her children, Arnold and Jennifer, who spread their anger over her “mental illness” to their children.

But, having to live with his grandparent while his father went to Texas with the National Guard to aid communities struck by flooding, Arnold’s son, Sammy, learned Christie wasn’t mentally ill.  She was more loving, happier and less angry.

Now, a year later, a wedding looms and Sammy will gain a stepmother.  But his Aunt Jennifer is using the planning sessions to try and convince her brother – and Sammy – their father needs to be “fixed.”

Then, a new patient is admitted to the surgical unit where Jennifer works as a nurse.