Allies Needed

In the United States, many states are introducing legislation targeting the transgender. Many of these bills will remove important access to treatments we need, and serve the purpose more to “own the transgenders” than to actually do any good.

I won't go into the details of these efforts, nor the reasons and scientific research showing why the bills are wrong. That information is available across the Web, and if you've bothered to read this far, I think you're okay with no essay.

Many living where this legislation is occurring are fighting it, but need help doing so. Some are seeking elsewhere to go to protect themselves, their spouses, or their children. Imagine having to suddenly move from your home because the political environment threatens you and your family? Ideally, you'd want to find refuge for them while remaining to fight, but that's difficult in today's economy. Indeed, just moving is difficult—especially when one has limited funds.

Please help support the community. There are many ways that you can without spending money or going “out of your way for them.” Offer a ride to a bus or train station, or to a friend's house. A spare blanket or pillow or place for the night is nice. If you see someone being ridiculed or threatened, stand up for them—let them see they aren’t alone! Tell your politicians you don’t care for the bills being introduced and think the effort should go elsewhere, like the local farmer or small business. If you live somewhere accommodating to the community and find someone in need, a lead to a decent job or place to rent would do wonderfully.

At the very least, show positivity, not hate.

Thank you,