Cold Wars

I grew up during the Cold War. And as I we start a new one, now, let me offer some advice.

1. Politicians are more interested in using the political situation to their advantage. One side will claim to not worry, we've got this, while the other side will argue we need to stop it. Another side is going to push for more religion in everyone's lives (their religion, only), while another will push to remove the evil from our ranks—they deciding who or what the evil is. Facts and truth don't matter—both can be modified. The truth is a bunch of pieces you gather from reading a diversity of media and watching live, as-it-happens news. No single person, place or enterprize knows all the facts over another. Anyone saying they do is full of crap.

2. Businesss will happily use the situation to profit and try to convince you that you NEED this stuff. Be careful. Don't let them put you in a financial hell. You may be interested in some, but the odds are you will not need it.

3. Speaking of businesses, they are certainly going to insist that the military needs new air, sea and land technology. I'm not against keeping up to date, but am wary of too-good-to-be-true ideas that have a large number of doubters. It doesn't hurt to explore ideas, but not dump everything we've got into something that can possibly never become something.

No one wants a nuclear conflict. Each country wants to be The Man, the Big Kahuna, not one of the many countries struggling to dig out after a nuke war, with only the clothes on their back and a scattering of edible things around. Americans spend a lot of money for goods from other countries. If we haven't the money because we're down to scavenging the basic necessities, they will no longer see our money. They can hold us captive much easier than nuking us.