The final frontier?

I haven't finished watching the latest Star Trek adventure, Picard, which recently aired its last episode... I haven't even finished watching season 2. But latest social media accounts indicate a desire for, and the possibility of, more Star Trek franchises such as with Seven-of-Nines as captain of hir own starship. I'm not against the idea. If people want to see more, and Paramount decides it's profitable, fine; that's capitalism at work. But I'd like to see new ideas attempted. I don't mean a Star Trekish show like Orville or serialization of the movie Galaxy Quest. I wouldn't mind them, but why not expand with new ideas.

And I don't mean a hybrid Stqr Trek vs Star Wars thing, either.

I'd like to see star fleets of different types of ships, with differnt aliens. I'd like to see inter-alien relationships occurring even where the biology prohibits reproduction or even sex. Perhaps where an air breather must build a home for a love who is aquatic. I'd like to see a show where aliens come to Earth and are not out to conquer the planet or subjugate humans, and aren't trying to hide themselves either. Perhaps more a study of life after Trek's First Contact, though with a different, perhaps more emotional species?

There are thousands of indie authors on Wattpad, Kindle and elsewhere with ideas that would make wonderful movies, series or specials. Ideas that can expand the minds of viewership.

Just a thought...