Making Dull the Thorns


Published December, 2017
E-Book, $1.99.
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Paperback, $7.99 – 159 pages

Charli Pelman is a delightful fifteen-year-old high school sophomore, intelligent and full of giggles.  She loves math, computers, reading, maxi-dresses and makeup.  But few know her like this.  They know her as a serious, humorless person who shakes her head at jokes.

That is because Charli pretends to be Charlie – the boy society insists she is.

Charli has a few thorns to dull.

Her father demands to know why she bought a dress online and Charli decides it is time to tell him why. 

Then there is Ron Hall, the school’s quarterback and trans-phobic bigot.  Unfortunately, Ron is failing math and faces suspension from the team just before the big rivalry game on Thanksgiving.  Charli is his only hope to pass a test to keep him in the game.

Then there is a school full of angry, hateful girls standing between her and someone special.