True Blessings (short story)

True Blessings (a short story)
Published December 2, 2018
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Heavy rains in Texas have caused flooding just in time to ruin many Thanksgiving celebrations, and possibly Christmas also.  A member of the National Guard, Arnold Haines has been activated, requiring him to leave his 11-year-old son, Sammy, the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, Arnold’s wife, Judy, was killed in a car crash the previous March.  His sister, Jen, lives a distance from Northwood, but – because Sammy is in school – Arnold has only one option and muse leave Sammy with his grandfather.

Arnold and Jen believe their father suffers mental illness.  Because they do, Sammy is afraid to stay with his grandfather.  Who wants to stay with a man who, 9-years prior, decided he was a woman?

But who knows what magic the Holidays can make?