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Kevin faces a divorce he doesn't want, and Andrew lives a gender he doesn't like.  As friends, they help each other transition. But Andrew wishes for more than friendship

Making Dull the Thorns

Teenager Charli tires of pretending to be a boy and decides to set herself free, much to the chagrin of hir parents and others.

Parched Earth, Green Corn: Fem'an

Morel is fem'an, a class of intersex people considered incapable of anything other than the sex tredes. But zie has no interest in that work, preferring to work as a farmhand, or topper, instead.

Parched Earth, Green Corn: Warrior

As the newest member of the Blue Ridge Cooperative, Morel heads for Z't'sha to train. Z't'sha, Morel finds, is a whole new world. Literally.


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True Blessings

It's the holidays, but Sammy's dad's Guard unit has been activated to help a Texas community hit by flooding. Having lost his mother, Sammy must stay with his grandfather in the meantime. But his grandfather isn't like most grandfathers.

New Blessings

Life is better for Christie, now that her son and grandson accept her as a transgender woman. A year has passed and a wedding looms, but the joyus occassion is overshadowed by Jennifer's stout refusal to accept Christi as she is.