Print vs Electronic

Billie WinterholerSince getting my first e-reader in 2010, I’ve learned about the interesting debate happening in the world of book reading: printed book or electronic book?

I understand that many enjoy printed books, and turn up noses at e-readers.  It’s personal choice and I accept it–just like those who don’t care for certain genres of music.  What I don’t understand are those who seem to feel electronic versions of stories are unworthy, low-life pieces of… junk.

A story is a story, whether written pictorially on an ancient cave wall, on parchment with quill and India ink, tapped onto paper with an old typewriter, or coded into zeros and ones on a hard drive.

I imagine a child looking up to a star on a warm night, making up a story about children on a planet circling the star.  If the parents found that story written down on paper or on a text app, I doubt they’d hesitate sharing it with family and friends regardless what it was created on.

It isn’t how the story is conveyed, it’s the story being conveyed.  It isn’t the media, it’s the content.  Enjoy it however you wish, whether reading it yourself in print or e-form, or listening to someone read it to you, either Samuel Jackson in an audio book, or your child in the moment.

Regardless the media, the content is a book–a story.  Enjoy it.



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