Merry Christmas!

Yes, it’s been some time since I posted here.  Life took me on a winding path and set my schedule back months.

Last April, I posted how bad the stress was as an essential worker in retail during this pandemic.  Truth is, the stress was greater than I posted, and got worse, making more difficult a fight I’d been struggling with for years.  That fight was alcohol addiction, and it became so bad I knew I needed help.  With my brother’s encouragement, in early July, I entered Retreat Behavioral Health in New Haven, CT, to get that help.

Alcohol withdrawal was an eye-opening experience, especially learning my addiction was severe enough to threaten my health and life… learning I might not see another birthday should I continue.  Yet despite these warnings, I still felt desire to drink—it was so strong.  But my first few days were in detox, where I learned why I had to quit.  The rest of my 30 days was in rehab, learning how to quit.

Since I missed the planned publishing date of Parched Earth , Green Corn: Warrior in April, I hoped to publish in the summer, but I missed that, too.  While in rehab, I didn’t have access to a computer or my story, but thought of changes, and made notes for when I returned to it.

I returned home in August, where I changed habits to help prevent relapse, including  less time behind the computer, more time doing other things, and getting to bed earlier than I used to.  On work nights, this caused less time for editing, so most editing happened on weekends and holidays.  And as I returned to my story, I realized it was nowhere near ready for publication.  It needed work, and I’ve been working on it since.

Soon after publishing Fem’an, several readers showed interest in Warrior, and I feel guilty for it’s delay.  I plan to publish in April 2021, and hope I will make up for the wait with a story you will enjoy.  I may post the prologue for Warrior here soon to give you an idea what’s to come.

As for rehab… this was my first rehab experience, I can’t really compare Retreat Behavioral Health to other rehab centers.  I can only say that they helped me, and I consider that the bottom line.  I entered Retreat’s doors on July 10, 2020 and now, five and a-half months later, remain sober—the longest I ever have.  I’ve had my moments of temptation—such as this Holiday Season, but Retreat gave me the tools to work through addiction’s siren calls and they’ve worked.  And should I relapse, I know they will be there for help.

Please understand that this isn’t an advertisement for Retreat.  It’s a thank-you to them from my heart.

2020 will soon be done and I’ve survived.  I now look forward to 2021, planning to make it better regardless what it thinks it has in store for me.  I wish you all the best of the holidays and the coming New Year.

Hugs, Billie.

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