John Pavlovitz

In case you aren’t aware, I am an atheist.  I used to be an angry one, hateful because of theists who felt they needed to “fix” me – such as a born-again who repeatedly left literature in hopes he’d save me.  Eventually, I began to consider any theist as enemy.

But as I realized how I felt about my gender, and joined social media groups for support, I found theists who didn’t want to “fix” me, just love me.  One is Paula, who helped guide my writing about Pastor Aaron Warren in Transition, Minister Patricia Lavin in Making Dull the Thorns and Pastor Elenore Potts in New Blessings and True Blessings I published on Wattpad.  Paula still helps with my stories, and I appreciate her input immensely.

Then, there’s John Pavlovitz.  I found his blog years ago, and his wonderful devotion to Jesus Christ, and the Bible, helped reaffirm that there ARE True Christians who know Christ’s word.  His blogs insist on following Christ’s teachings and condemn those who cherry-pick the Bible to justify hate.  He helped my change from angry atheist to an accepting one similar to Christie Haines in the Blessings stories.  Indeed, a bit of my opinion of him is seen in Pastor Arron Warren.

If you’ve not heard of Mr. Pavlovitz, follow the link above.  It’s not about religion, it’s about love and kindness.

Love you all,



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