Update on PE,GC: Warrior

I had hoped to have Parched Earth, Green Corn: Warrior out for publication this month but, due to Covid-19, it’s delayed.  I’m not certain how long.

Being essential and having to travel to several stores, some in areas hard-hit by Covid-19, my anxiety has increased.  As a result, time I normally spend writing, I instead spend doing things to ground me – including increased sleep time.  The normal 4 to 6 chapters per day I was editing has dropped to 1 to 2, maybe 3.  At the moment, the book contains 82 chapters, though that may increase.  I want to make certain Warrior is enjoyable and not a nightmare of poor spelling and grammar.

And I’m not alone with anxiousness – retail workers in many stores tell me they are also, and not only the chain I work for, but the grocery, the pharmacy, the gas station and the liquor store.

The anxiousness worsens as the number of customers increases, as families come in and – while parents discuss which paint color they want – their children run about the store, touching everything.  There’s the customer coughing into hands just before handing a cashier money, and the customers leaning in worker’s faces, refusing to stay 6-feet away because, “This is all BS – a great-big joke!  The media  is blowing it out of proportion!

I speak for many workers when I say: we’re here for you when you need us.  Please help us by making Social Distancing rules a habit.

It sucks living like this, but I don’t want to use personal time-off (PTO) and not have any should I get sick.  Nor do I want to force my company to have to put in place a “back-fill” technician to cover for me.  We have an excellent back-fill team who covers for us when on vacation or sick – I used to be one.  But the tech covering me isn’t familiar with the nuances of the stores I care for – that a printer jamming when copying isn’t a bad printer, just feed-rollers needing a good cleaning.  Things like that.

I know many would love to have time off, and I respect your anger that I have PTO and you don’t.  Knowing many stay-at-homes are stressing how to pay bills and feed their families is why I give to food banks.  If you have a food bank, see if they can help.  If you are working – and can afford to – help fill a food bank.

I love you all.  Stay home, wash your hands, and stay well.


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