Thoughts on Covid-19

When fire threatens a forest, anything burnable in it’s path, that can be removed, is removed to slow the fire’s advance and give firefighters the chance to extinguish it.  Asking us to stay home to combat this virus is much the same.  Staying home reduces the availability of hosts Covid-19 could infect, slowing its spread and giving doctors and nurses a chance to fight the virus.

As a child, my parents spoke often about the war effort during World War Two.  That effort was something US Americans were proud of.  Our fathers were called to war.  Our mothers replaced them in the workplace.  Civilians tightened belts, planted gardens, and gave up things needed by the military.  And it wasn’t only US Americans making the effort, but nations across the world, rolling up sleeves and banding together.

That was the 1940s.  It’s now 2020 – almost one-hundred years later.  We are smarter, and have made many advancements since then.  What we did then, we can do now, and do better.

We can social distance while still remaining Human.  Respect others and keep your distance.  Be considerate of retail workers facing potential exposure to Covid-19 while providing you with what you need.  Go to a store only when you need something, not when you just “feel like something,” or are bored and “need to get out.”

Most important, be civil, be kind.  Our enemy is a little virus, not each other.

We will do fine if we all pull together and do this – if we show our parents and grandparents we learned the lessons they taught us in World War Two.  “We can do this” doesn’t have to be a phrase from then, but a phrase we past to the future.

Meanwhile, as of this morning, all three of my books are available free for the next five days.  I’d do it for longer if Kindle would allow, and I hope other authors will also do so, offering plenty to read.

Stay safe.

— Billie



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