Merry Christmas!

Yes, I do not believe in a higher or superior power, but I still celebrate the holiday season.  My parents were religious, and the Christmas Season was always warm with family, friends and much cheer.  I couldn’t push aside those memories when I chose atheism, and I saw no reason to do so.  Many of different beliefs find joy this time of year, so why not find joy as well?

I will admit it’s dimmed since I lost Wanda in 2012.  She inherited her father’s joy of the season, and always made the season bright for us, and – even seven years after – the dimness remains.  But I push on.

So, for those celebrating today, make the most of this day, and beyond this day.  Give an extra hug and kiss, an extra handshake or firstbump.  Enjoy an extra glance at those you celebrate with, because one day they will not be there.  Go outside and sing to the stars.  If others complain, ask them to join you in harmony.

Smile a lot.  Laugh a lot.  Spread your cheer, spread your joy and have a Wonderful Christmas Day.

– Billie

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