Happy Holidays!

Introducing, New Blessings.

I had intended to release this sooner – hoping to do so Thanksgiving day.  However, the task of getting stores ready for Black Friday was particularly exasperating this year and didn’t leave much time to work on the final edits.

Last year, in True Blessings, I introduced you to Christie Haines, a transgender woman who came out six years before – much to the chagrin of her children and grandchildren.

I also introduced you to her grandson, Sammy, who had to stay with her while his father – Christie’s son, Arnold – went to Texas with his National Guard unit to help victims of flooding there.

You read about a grandson learning his grandparent still loved his children and grandchildren – a love honest and rich – warmer than when she pretended to be a grandfather.  You read as, with the help of his friend, Alice, he learned his grandparent was mentally ill as claimed, and learned to accept her.

It’s now nearly a year later and a wedding looms.  Sammy will soon have a stepmother.  But, he has an aunt threatening the joyous occasion as she takes advantage to try and “fix” her “father.”

Then, a new patient is admitted to the surgical unit where Jennifer works as a nurse

For those who haven’t read it, reading True Blessings may help you understand this story.  It’s free – it only requires joining wattpad.  Wattpad is a wonderful place if you love to read.

Happy Holidays, Billie.

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