Welcome to my new home!

In the past two years since publishing Transition on Kindle Direct Publishing, I have spread myself over several venues, including my KDP author page, Goodreads, my blog at WordPress.com, and – most recently – Wattpad.  I also attempted a page on Facebook I soon decided against because I am not a big fan of social media.

With the publication of Fem’an – the first book in the trilogy of Parched Earth, Green Corn – I explored my options to better market myself and my works.  WordPress.com was good in that I could pay attention to writing blogs and not worry about the background work of maintaining a blog site.  But, unless I was willing to pay for the yearly fees for commercial or enterprise subscriptions, I was limited in what I could do with the blogs.

So here I am at billiewinterholer.com.  I’m still unpacking boxes and finding the best places to put things, but hope you’ll find it a nice place to visit.

– Billie

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